Northampton Massachusetts' Premier Female Owned & Operated High End, Custom Tattoo, Permanent Makeup & Body Piercing Studio, Featuring an upscale Fine Arts Gallery. Founded in 2011 with a profound love, respect and passion for body modification, creativity, and of course, YOU... our clients!

We welcome you into the studio anytime to look through our artists' portfolios, check out the fine art in the gallery, or to discuss your ideas on a piercing project or some new ink. Meet the staff, get a feel for the space and really connect with your artist, as well as bask in the fine art collection we have on display and for sale.


Our Studio, as well as each tattoo artist, piercer & permanent makeup artist, are individually licensed to practice in the city of Northampton, Massachusetts. We worked diligently with the local Board Of Health to have the strictest of standards & regulations. Each artist and all staff are up to date and certified in CPR, First Aid, Blood Bourne Pathogens and have completed an anatomy/physiology class and a Diseases of The Skin class. We at Bang Bang Body Arts strive to provide our clients with stellar service in the cleanest, safest, and most comfortable environment possible.




The studio strives to feature incredible fine art from local, national and international artists. Including, but not limited to: paintings, photography, drawings, posters, prints, sculpture and installation work.

*All photography is property of Bang Bang Body Arts LLC and cannot be reprinted or replicated without permission.